Atlantic Plastic bags Background

Atlantic Plastic Bags was formally established on 1 March 2017 as part of Atlantic Plastic Recycling family-owned private companies, when it grew to the point where it is able to function as a stand-alone operation.

This development resulted from the huge demand for such inexpensive alternatives to new bags.

Johan Beneke, as the Manager, has been placed in charge of the purchasing, repair and sales of all second-hand Polypropylene bags.

Other products:
Bags for sand & stone, potting soil, wood bags, refuse bags, liners, etc.

The company is situated on the premises of the Atlantic Plastic Recycling's second factory at 37 Beacon Way, Beaconvale, Cape Town.

Customer Base

Our customer base has dramatically increased to include a very broad spectrum of companies of all shapes and sizes across the Western Cape.